Meet LaTosha

  • Bible Study Teacher
  • Writer
  • Encourager 
  • Mentor
  • Advocate
  • Spiritual Life Coach


As a writer, speaker, and coach I teach others how to break free from self-limiting beliefs, how to identify the things they want out of life, and what it will take to accomplish it all.


For so long, I felt powerless about designing the life that I wanted to live. Honestly, I felt as though life had dealt me a bad hand, so I falsely believed that I didn’t have the tools to achieve what I wanted out of life. But the truth is, despite life’s hardships, I did have what was needed to accomplish what I wanted; I just had to discover those tools that I did have (the gifts, talents, the way that I’m wired), get really clear about who I am, which meant shedding who I wasn’t, and learning how to use all of that to become who I was meant to be.

I am not the only one who has struggled in this way, and I hope to impart the lessons I’ve learned in my personal and professional life that will empower you to become your best self and go after your dreams!


I am a wife, a mother, and someone who is unapologetic in her faith as a Christ-follower. My desire is to come alongside others and demonstrate in real-time the triumph that awaits on the other side of the struggle, the beauty found in the simple things of life, that dark days won’t last, the sun always rises in the morning, and that your life has value and meaning.

I’m also a seasoned Higher Ed Professional and an expert Leader-I even have a Certificate of Leadership from UC-Davis, California, to prove it.

The reality, both my personal and professional experience has equipped me with a keen eye to spot problems and a solutions-oriented mind; I am “Just One” person hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.

When I’m not reading, sharing inspirational messages on my social media channels, or losing myself in YouTube teachings, you can find me doing what I love the most: spending time with my family.

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